give to the max is here!

The biggest campaign to make Minnesota a better place is about to start in November, and this year the MNSCC efforts are fully focused on our MICROGRANTS PROGRAM!

Change a Life and Give Today!

For folks who are building their way into reentry, a suspended driver’s license has detrimental effects on a person’s reentry, especially on their ability to get and maintain employment.

Through our Driver’s License Reinstatement Microgrant Program, we offer small microgrants to pay for traffic fines and fees for individuals impacted by the criminal legal system so that awardees can reinstate their driver’s license on their road to independence. 

During Give to the Max, we need to raise $15,000 in order to continue and expand this program. We hope you will partner with us to have a direct, immediate, and lasting impact on the lives of our awardees. Please give what you can!

Our Impact

Why is it important to support the Microgrants Program? Get to know some testimonies that show how reinstating the driver’s license can change not only one life but an entire family’s life.

Change a Life and Give Today!