Friday August 19th 2022

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Nia Fourte

Nia has been involved in Nonprofit for over 20 years. Currently, she is an Advocate at Breaking Free. She works with women who are survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution.

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Amy Moore

Amy is a justice-impacted woman from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She was incarcerated at the age of 18 and received a sentence of 12 years.  As she began to become an adult in prison and realized that she  wanted to use her experience to try and keep other young ladies from ending up where she did. The group was called straight talk, and she enjoyed contributing. She is  now a mother of three, and understands the injustices that cause harm to the family systems. She wants to tell at-risk youth how having a felony has impacted all areas of her life.

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Leah McGinley

Native to the Twin Cities, residing in Minneapolis and currently employed as a Lead Advisor at a Public Charter High School in Saint Paul, MN. In conjunction, Leah is also CEO of Oratorically Speaking LLC; a company built on the mindset of promoting change through dialogue. Leah has earned her Individualized Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on Behavioral Modification & Cognitive Restructuring Within the Family Systems from Metropolitan State University. Leah has more than 20 years of speaking experience as a member of the Speakers Bureau Team, which originated within the walls of MCF-Shakopee, where she served out a sentence of 13 years 9 months. Leah hopes to continue to use her voice, lived experiences, and evolving thought process to promote the balance of idea, choice, action, and growth for youth and adults within her surrounding communities and beyond. Leah is a firm believer that change is always possible, but not without the necessary tools in place to manifest a specific outcome. 
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Salena Moreno

Selena is a 34 year old mother with 6 kids She was born and raised on the West Side of St. Paul MN. After spending time in Shakopee correctional facility, she faced many barriers to reentry in navigating: employment, mental health and addiction. After completing treatment at Home Care in St. Paul, Salena began working in administration for the public school system. She hopes her story inspires others to see the beauty in themselves. 
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Sylvia Garcia

A Latina Women From St Paul, MN born to Mr Juan and Her Melinda Garcia. Mother of three and Grandma of 10 Grandchildren, she served a six year sentence  in 1994 and has turned her life around with a second chance. 


Our 2022 Priorities

This year, our two priorities are: Clean Slate  and Felony Murder Law Reform. 


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