MN Second Chance Coalition advocates for a dignified criminal legal system that promotes healing, repair, accountability, and belonging for individuals, families, and communities.  

give to the max is here!

The biggest campaign to make Minnesota a better place is about to start in November, and this year the MNSCC efforts are fully focused on our MICROGRANTS PROGRAM!

Helping Those Involved With The Justice System Rebuild Their Lives.

Through our Driver’s License Reinstatement Microgrant Program, we offer small microgrants to pay for traffic fines and fees for individuals impacted by the criminal legal system so that awardees can reinstate their driver’s license on their road to independence. 

We Need Your Help!

During Give to the Max, we need to raise $15,000 in order to continue and EXPAND this program. We hope you will partner with us to have a direct, immediate, and lasting impact on the lives of our awardees. Please give what you can!

About Us

Through advocacy and support, we help those involved with the justice system rebuild their lives.

The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition is a bipartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit consisting of hundreds of nonprofit member organizations and individuals. Collectively, we believe in second chances.


Get To Know Your Legislators

The legislative seats in the state are up for election in November, and officials will have to make policy decisions on a number of topics, including re-entry.

To help Minnesotans get to know their legislators, we asked each candidate to answer a brief questionnaire about second chance issues.

Our Stories Success Impact

We believe that people have the power to change.

The power of storytelling lies in its ability to provide a window into the lived experiences of marginalized people whose voices are often ignored.  These stories describe the impact of mass incarceration and the successful reentry of individuals into society. 

Special Thank You to our sponsors

Legislative Priorities

The Coalition Supports Reform that:

Seeks to ensure that individuals who have been part of the justice system have meaningful second chances through the implementation of effective, just, and responsible laws, policies, and practices.

Felony Murder Law Reform

Minnesota Second Chance Coalition believes that people should not be punished for the actions of another. However, because of Minnesota's aiding and abetting felony murder doctrine, people can be punished for murder even when they didn't kill anyone, nor even intend for another person to die.

Clean Slate Bill

We at MNSCC know the impact of a criminal record and the impact on access to housing, employment, education and democracy. The Clean Slate bill would create provisions for juvenile and adult automatic expungements for eligible convictions.

Training and Events

At Minnesota, Second Chance Coalition we are dedicated to people returning to our community after incarceration and assisting them in achieving successful new beginnings. In order to meet this mission, we will organize training program.s and events that will provide people with resources and services they need to get and keep employment and live a free and independent life.


Find out more about upcoming events, including conferences, training opportunities, our signature Second Chance Day On The Hill event

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Our Resources page  provides a comprehensive listing of available reentry resources for returning citizens and their families. We strive to ensure that everyone has an opportunity for self-sufficiency and to contribute to their communities. 

Get Involved

​To reshape reentry success, rebuild the lives of justice-impacted people, and reduce recidivism, we need your help. Click through to see how you can get involved.


Make A Difference

By becoming a sponsor, you contribute to the creation of a more equitable future for the reentry community by providing the resources necessary to break down barriers and reduce recidivism.  

Support us and change the course of a life today!